Man buries another person instead of father after Delhi hospital mixes up bodies

Nation Next Newsroom | Jun 9, 2020 14:24

In a case of a mistaken identity, a man buried another person instead of his father after Lok Nayak Hospital in Delhi handed over the wrong body to him on June 4. The bodies were mixed up at the mortuary of the hospital as both the deceased patients were known as Moinuddin.

It is because of this goof-up that Kalamuddin performed last rites of Aijaz Uddin’s elder brother instead of his father. The documents given to the Kalamuddin’s family concerning his father’s body had allegedly the details of his father. Kalamuddin’s father, who was undergoing dialysis at a hospital in Patparganj, was referred to Lok Nayak Hospital for a Coronavirus test on June 4. He, however, died of kidney failure at the hospital.

Kalamuddin’s wife said, “The body that my husband saw had a swollen face and bloodstains, which made it hard to ascertain if it was my father-in-law. Hospital staff said this was caused when they removed the dialysis pipe. My husband had his doubts, but the report given to him had the correct address and name, so he believed them.”

An official at Lok Nayak Hospital told The Indian Express, “It is sometimes difficult to identify the body because people are often anxious in a mortuary. Also, after death, the face lacks expression, which also makes it difficult to identify the body. We will make efforts to ensure such incidents do not repeat.”

Aijaz Uddin told a daily that he had seen around 250 bodies at the mortuary on June 7 before discovering that his brother had already been buried a day earlier at a burial ground at Delhi Gate by another family. “We called the person who had taken the body and asked him to send a picture of the face. It was clearly my brother,” he said.