Andhra Pradesh man dies of electrocution while answering phone kept on charge

Nation Next Newsroom | Aug 1, 2018 18:21

In a shocking incident, a 31-year-old physically challenged man Changu Mastan Reddy, from Vagupally under Kanigiri Mandal in Prakasham district of Andhra Pradesh, died of electrocution as he answered his cell phone kept on charge. Reddy was found dead on Monday night by neighbors who got suspicious because of burning smell arising from Reddy’s residence.

TOI quoted Kanigiri sub-inspector U Srinivasulu as saying, “They (neighbors) noticed Mastan Reddy lying on the ground with his mobile phone in his left hand. Reddy was taken to a hospital, where he was declared brought dead due to electrocution. Reddy’s parents had died a few years ago and he lived alone on a monthly pension of Rs 1,000 from the government under the disabled category.”

The police, as of now, is not sure about the model of the mobile phone. It did, however, find the back of a Samsung phone cover near Reddy’s body. Srinivasulu is of the opinion that the cell phone in question was probably one of those old Nokia keypad phones and not a newer smart phone. The cop also said that the short circuit may have been because of high voltage supply as two more incidents, in which two ceiling fans were damaged die to high voltage, were reported in the village. A case has been registered under Section 174 of CrPC and further investigation in Reddy’s death is underway.

Denying that cellphones has any role to play in such unfortunate incidents, Aman Jethwani, who works as a cellphone expert at the Magic Mobiles store in Nagpur, told Nation Next: “A lot of cases of electrocution are just rumours, which are circulated through WhatsApp. Incidents like these are very rare.” Jethwani added, “Cellphones cannot be blamed for such incidents. Phones these days are normally durable, and such extreme cases only take place because of faulty electric boards or overheating of the phone. Electrocution due to faulty voltage is not a problem in cities or towns like Nagpur where there is steady electric supply.”