Man hangs himself after stuffing wife’s body in fridge and kids in suitcase

Radhika Dhawad | Aug 21, 2018 16:35

A man in Uttar Pradesh hanged himself after killing his wife and stuffing her body in a fridge. He also stuffed his three kids in suitcase and in cupboard.
Photo source: ANI

A 35-year-old man in Uttar Pradesh on Monday (August 21, 2018) hanged himself to death after killing his wife and stuffing her body in a fridge. He even stuffed the dead bodies of his two children in suitcase and one child in an almirah of a room.

The UP Police recovered bodies of the family from the locked house in Allahabad on Monday night. As per police, Manoj Kushwaha was suffering from depression due to a conflict with his family members.

Kushwaha killed his wife Shweta (30), and shot his three daughters Preeti (8), Shivani (6), and Shreya (3) and later hung himself to death.

The man’s body was found hanging from a ceiling fan while the bodies of his two daughters were found in suitcase and almirah and a third in the room, as per news agency ANI.

ANI tweeted, “Police recovered bodies of a man, his wife & three daughters from a locked house in Allahabad last night. Body of the man was found hanging, his wife’s body was found inside the fridge, bodies of two daughters were found in suitcase & almirah and one daughter was found in the room.”

When Nation Next spoke to one of the leading psychiatrists in Nagpur Dr Sudhir Bhave, about the reason behind the incident, he said, “This is usually known as extended suicide where the depressed person commits suicide after killing his family members. In his mind, he’s killing them to make them get rid of problems that have occurred because of him. That’s because, he feels guilty that his family members are suffering because of him so he kills them.”

Speaking about the man’s gruesome act of stuffing his family members’ bodies he said, “I can’t really comment on this right now as no other detail is available but usually such incidents also happen when one is schizophrenic.”    


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