23-year-old murdered in Delhi by girlfriend’s family

Nation Next Newsroom | Feb 3, 2018 10:12

A 23-year-old photographer, Ankit Saxena, was allegedly murdered in Delhi's Khayala area by his 20-year-old girlfriend's family on Friday.
Ankit Saxena (Photo Source: Facebook)

A 23-year-old photographer, Ankit Saxena, was allegedly murdered in Delhi’s Khayala area by his 20-year-old girlfriend’s family on Friday. Ankit was in relationship with the girl for the past three years. As per reports, the girl’s conservative Muslim family was apparently not happy with the relationship as both the boy and girl were from different communities.

The murder took place when the girl was waiting for Ankit at the metro station in West Delhi. The girl’s family consisting of her mother brother, father and uncle confronted Ankit and his family members at their residence in Khayala area, Delhi. The confrontation turned violent as Ankit was beaten up and later his throat was slashed with a knife. According to some reports, as Ankit’s mother rushed to save him, she was also beaten up by the girl’s family.

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Communal tensions in the area rose as the news of the murder spread and security was deployed to keep the situation in control. The police have reportedly arrested the girl’s mother, father, brother and uncle in connection with the murder.