Man shot dead for forcibly entering former CM Farooq Abdullah’s house

Nation Next Newsroom | Aug 4, 2018 16:40

Security Personnel outside former CM Farooq Abdullah’s house in Batindi, Jammu. (Photo Source: ANI)

A man was shot dead on Saturday morning, after he forcibly entered former Jammu and Kashmir CM Farooq Abdullah’s house in Batindi in Jammu. As per ANI, the man has been identified as Murud Ali Shah, a resident of Mendhar in Poonch district. Shah’s father runs a gun factory at Bantalab in Jammu.

As per reports, Shah, who was driving a black Mahindra XUV 500, rammed the car against the main gate of the residence, where Farooq Abdullah stays with his son former CM Omar Abdullah. After entering the house, Shah reportedly started vandalizing the property. When the CRPF security guards tried to stop him, he had a scuffle with them. Shah was warned by the guards but to no avail. He was later shot dead near the stairs in the lobby area of the house.

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Reacting to the incident, Omar Abdullah has tweeted: “I am aware of the incident that took place at the residence my father & I share in Bhatindi, Jammu. Details are sketchy at the moment. Initial reports suggest an intruder was able to gain entry through the front door & in to the upper lobby of the house.”

Meanwhile, Shah’s father has alleged foul play and questioned as to why the security guards did not stop his son near the gate itself. NDTV quoted Shah’s father as saying, “He was with me last night. He goes to the gym daily and left for that today. I want to know why was he killed. Where were the security guards when he breached the gate? Why didn’t they arrest him?”