Manjeet Hirani unveils her book inspired by the dog from the sets of PK

Nation Next Newsroom | Apr 4, 2018 11:43

Manjeet Hirani, a senior commander with Air India and wife of acclaimed filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani, recently unveiled her book – How To Be Human: Life Lessons from Buddy Hirani – at Crossword, Civil Lines, Nagpur. Present during the book launch were Vijay Phansikar (Editor, The Hitavada), Sanjay Arora and Anju Hirani Kish along with several book lovers.

It’s often said that ‘Dogs are a man’s best friend’ and like any best friend, many times even dogs can teach you a lot of things. And that exactly is what Manjeet’s book is all about. The dog in this case is – Buddy Hirani – the beloved pet at the Hirani household. Buddy is the same dog, who featured in the film PK in a scene wherein actress Anushka Sharma holds the dog on her TV show. The dog, after the shoot, became a permanent member of the Hirani family when Rajkumar Hirani brought it as a gift for their son Vir.

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By her own confession, Manjeet Hirani was always scared of dogs but that changed when Buddy made an entry in the Hirani household. Watching Buddy grow day by day and taking care of him, Manjeet, made small observations and started drawing parallels between Buddy’s and the human life. These observations and parallels, which serve as life lessons, have been penned down in the book by Manjeet. An example of these lessons is a chapter in the book wherein Manjeet writes about discrimination and explains that unlike humans, her dog doesn’t discriminate and loves unconditionally. Many lessons, such as this, form a part of Manjeet’s book, which was launched by Bollywood actor Aamir Khan in the first week of March in Mumbai.