Married man dupes divorced women of Rs 40 lakh on pretext of marriage

Sharvari Vaidya | Aug 25, 2018 18:28

Beltarodi Police, on Thursday, arrested a 40-year-old man for cheating multiple divorced women and looting them to the tune of Rs 40 lakh. The man, who has been identified as Akash Agrawal, would target divorced women through a matrimonial website on the pretext of marrying them and would then take physical and financial advantage. The crime came to light when Sujata (name changed), a woman from Wardha, approached Beltarodi Police accusing Agrawal of cheating and molestation.

As per the police, Agrawal, posing as Ajay Kumbhare approached Sujata on the site – Agrawal, over phone calls, lied to Sujata about being a big businessman in Nagpur. He developed a relationship with her and convinced her to marry him. Sujata, however, told Agrawal that she needed to speak to her family members for going ahead with the marriage.

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Sensing trouble, Agrawal convinced Sujata to visit him in Nagpur by telling her that he needs to inform her properly about his family and business. On Thursday, when Sujata met Agrawal in Nagpur, he took her in his Renault Duster four-wheeler and tried to get intimate with her. An enraged Sujata got out of the car and an argument ensued between them. During the argument, which became public, a woman approached Sujata and claimed that Agrawal is in fact her husband.

Realising that she was being cheated by Agrawal, Sujata approached Beltarodi Police and lodged a complaint against him. Cops registered an offence against Agrawal under sections 354, 354 – a, 354 – d and 419 of the IPC and arrested Agrawal.

While Agrawal was arrested on Sujata’s complaint, during the investigation, Agrawal confessed that he had cheated around 4-5 women from Maharashtra in similar fashion and looted around Rs 40 lakh from these women.  He had even married some of them. Agarwal also confessed to be involved in illegal trading of liquor in Madhya Pradesh and Gadchiroli.