MBA and BBA students party hard at Raisoni College’s freshers’ bash in Nagpur

    Nation Next Newsroom | Oct 13, 2019 17:38
    Photojournalist: Himanshu Pal

    Freshly inducted MBA and BBA students of GH Raisoni Institute of Management and Research started their college life with a bang as they partied hard at the freshers’ party held at Hotel Radisson Blu in Nagpur.

    The freshers’ party, which was hosted by Farhan Kazi, had its theme as ‘Dynamic Duo.’ Abiding by the theme, freshers came to the party dressed at their stylish and dynamic best! Freshers participated in a lot of activities and displayed their talent as they competed against each other to win the title of ‘Mr Fresher’ and Miss Fresher’. Students were judged by pageant winners Prajwal Bhoyar and Miss Priyanka Trivedi.

    The winners at the freshers’ party were:

    For MBA department:  

    Mr Fresher: Sunny Bharnarkar

    Miss Fresher: Jaya Sing

    Mr Versatile: Shivam Thakur

    Miss Versatile: Deepika Nandanwar

    Best Dress: Yash Falodiya

    Best Dress: Veena Saluja

    For BBA department:

    Mr Fresher: Sourav Singh

    Miss Fresher: Sakshi Wadaskar

    Mr Versatile: Atharv Malewar

    Miss Versatile: Yashashree Dhobale

    Best Dress: Yogesh Hedau

    Best Dress: Janhavi Hinge