Meet Vidhi Jain – The creative mind behind Vidzkraft’s tailor-made gifts

Report by: Malavika Madkholkar

Edited by: Radhika Dhawad

Aug 11, 2018 20:58

Twenty-seven-year-old Vidhi Jain is an accomplished entrepreneur in Nagpur. Her talent lies in creating custom-made gifts, intricate stationaries, etc., mostly made from paper or cardboard.

This young mother of a three-year-old son is quickly rising to recognition in the orange city. Vidhi, who has been involved in paper cutting and crafts since her childhood, has been making personalised gifts and mementos professionally for seven years now.


She told Nation Next, “People love personalised gifts. So, we have been getting a good response, as each customer feels special. Depending on the project, it takes me anywhere from a day to two weeks to finish a project. I have a few workers working for me on an ad hoc basis, be it cutters, printers to graphic designers.”

She added, “But the maximum focus is on the custom-made aspect of the gift.” When asked how she manages her professional and familial responsibilities, Vidhi quipped, “I have a lot of support from my family, especially my in-laws and husband. Making tailor-made gifts is a tedious and time-consuming process, but I can manage and balance my life very well because of my family’s support.”


Vidhi’s Facebook page – Vidzkraft – boasts a number of products showing her crafting versatility – from baby books, personalised albums to pregnancy journals, passport covers, greeting cards, hand-painted trunks, hampers, stationery, and more. Vidhi’s art has been appreciated in local and national exhibitions, as well in magazines such as Femina and Yuva Manch. Vidhi, who’s currently planning for an exhibition in Dubai, has also been accepting orders from USA, UAE and Singapore.

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