Bhangra and bonhomie ruled Micky Arora’s rocking Lohri party

Report by: Nation Next Newsroom

Photojournalist: Himanshu Pal

Jan 25, 2018 15:32

Nagpur hotelier Micky Arora recently threw a rocking party at Girnar Farms, Nagpur, for his friends and family to celebrate the festive occasion of Lohri. This year’s Lohri was a special one for the entire Arora family as it was also the first Lohri for two newly added members in the family: Micky’s elder son Angadh Arora’s newly born son and Natasha, who, this year, got married to Micky’s younger son Arjun Singh Arora.

Along with their father, Angadh and Arjun played perfect hosts as they welcomed the guests with warm hugs and happy smiles. In fact, the two brothers even wore identical outfits! At the occasion, people caught up with each other as long lost friends and made the most of the time spent with each other. A huge bonfire was lit as part of the festivities. The bonfire along with the cold weather made the evening a pleasant one.

And when finally the festivities and catching up was over with, there was of course, a lot of dancing! Punjabi tracks made the hosts as well as the guests throw some sizzling Bhangra moves.