Miss LAD contest gets bigger, bolder and more beautiful in 2018

Report by: Radhika Dhawad and Saniya Dhamani

Photojournalist: Abhishek Thakare

Jan 23, 2018 10:43

Miss LAD personality contest has set a huge benchmark for Nagpur college events at the start of 2018. With its bigger, bolder and more beautiful avatar, the students of Lady Amritbai Daga College (LAD) put their best foot forward with élan to showcase their talent during the contest. Payal Chanchlani bagged the title of Miss LAD 2017-18. The contest, which usually takes place in December every year, was organised on January 18 this year, on Shankar Nagar campus, as a part of LAD College’s first ever intercollegiate fest ‘AURA.’ Payal, who got the loudest cheers from the jam-packed auditorium after she clinched the top spot, is a final year hotel management and catering technology student from Seminary Hills campus of the college.

While Mariya Melani (a final year arts student from Shankar Nagar campus) won the first runner-up title, Simran Chelwani (a final year interior designing student from Seminary Hills campus) bagged the third spot as the second runner up. The Principal of LAD College Dr Deepali Kotwal, along with Associate Professor and Coordinator PG Textile and Fashion Lady Amritbai Daga and Smt RP College of Home Science and H.Sc Technology (Seminary Hills) Dr Harsha Jharia and other faculties, adorned the winners with the crowns and sashes.

The defining moment for Miss LAD 2018 Payal Chanchlani was when she answered the same question that was also asked to former Miss World and Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra at the Miss World pageant in 2000. Dr Manish Shukla, one of the judges, asked Payal, “Why do we seek knowledge despite ignorance being a bliss?” Payal took the audience by surprise with her reply that was quite high on intellect. “If we weren’t knowledgeable, we wouldn’t even understand the meaning of ignorance,” she answered.

Miss LAD contest – a platform given to final year LAD students to showcase their talents – is a quintessential example of a personality contest that focuses on brains over beauty in a true sense. When Nation Next – the media partner of Miss LAD 2018 – spoke to Dr Harsha Jharia ahead of the event, she said, “Miss LAD has never been about looks. It’s a personality contest, where the students are judged on the basis of their intelligence, smartness and grit. Unlike the conventional beauty pageants, height and weight are never the criteria for Miss LADs. This is how all the other beauty pageants should also be judged. I’m glad that we, at LAD College, focus on the all-round development of the students and try to bring the best out of them.”

The 22 contestants, for almost two months, went through a rigorous grooming session for the contest, where they were trained under the guidance of experts like Mrs Maharashtra 2016 first runner up Swati Banerjee, who took various sessions on communication skills and gave valuable tips to the contestants. While Dr Shishir Palsapure undertook a session on confidence building, Sonal Trivedi Malkhan trained the students for ramp walk, answering out of the box questions and how the contestants should introduce themselves confidently. Dr Meenakshi Kulkarni guided the students on SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunities and threat) analysis, grooming, etiquettes, manners and body language.

LAD College students Vishakha Chawla and Rashi Wadhwani managed the photography of the contest well, as they beautifully captured the special moments of the event in their lenses. While Aasiya Menon, Amattullah Daud, Shreejata Shridhar and Neha Nanwani anchored the entire show, Sanziree Ashirgade and Kaavya Jain were the music directors of the contest. The participants also performed Zumba on the most happening Bollywood songs.

The judges panel of the contest comprised eminent personalities from different fields like Editor-In-Chief of Nation Next Vikrant Shandilya, MD and MSc Psychologist and Psychotherapist Dr Shishir Palsapure, General Manager at BSNL in Nagpur Dr Manish Shukla, Entrepreneur Sneha Dhobley, Mrs India 2nd runner up and Interior Designer Ekta Bhaiya and Entrepreneur Deepali Mishra.

Vikrant Shandilya, who has been on the judges’ panel of Miss LAD for past three years, said, “Miss LAD contest has always been ‘the big thing’ on the education map of Nagpur as it scientifically caters to overall development of the students. It’s so enchanting to see the contest’s quality graph moving upward consistently. Kudos to LADians for making the contest bigger, bolder and more beautiful! It’s always an enriching feeling to judge the Miss LAD contest.”

The event constituted of four rounds. The first round was introduction round, where the contestants introduced themselves. In the second round, the top 15 contestants took out a question slip each, from a bowl, read out the question to the audience and then spontaneously answered the same. On the basis of the witty answers given by the contestants to these out of the box questions in the second round, the contestants were shortlisted for the top 10 positions. Then, in the third round, the contestants, besides participating in the ‘umbrella dance’ and ‘evening gown’ ramp walk, answered the questions posed to them by the judges.

Top five contestants were then selected, out of which, the top three were finally announced at the end. However, apart from the top three contestants, the other titleholders were:

Ms Beautiful Hair – Sakshi Jaiswal

Ms Talented – Pooja Gole

Ms Photogenic – Harshita Chiniwalar

Ms Beautiful Skin – Nausheen Fatima

Ms Beautiful Smile – Vedika Sarda

Ms Perfect Ten– Shirin Sheikh

Here’s the list of 22 contestants who competed at the Miss LAD contest 2018:

  •      Nausheen Fatima
  •      Mehernaz Mavalwala
  •      Payal Bahal
  •      Vedika Sarda
  •      Tannya Arora
  •      Sakshi Jaiswal
  •      Charvy Savadia
  •      Archita Jhawar
  •      Pooja Tiwari
  •      Anushree Patil
  •      Simran Chelwani
  •      Khushyali Singh
  •      Shwetanjali Singh
  •      Bhakti Rawtal
  •      Mariya Melani
  •      Simran Chawla
  •      Payal Chanchlani
  •      Harshitha Chiniwalar
  •      Pranali Parathe
  •      Shirin Sheikh
  •      Pooja Gole
  •      Gunjan Tilwani

With Nation Next as the media partner and 94.3 My FM as the radio partner, the sponsors of Miss LAD personality contest were Prakash opticals, RevAyur cosmetics, Avon Cosmetics & Jewellery, Color Bar and Lakme salon for Makeup and hairstyle. The crowns for the winner and the titleholders were sponsored by now and wow.

The painstaking efforts put in by Program Director cum choreographer of the show Dr Harsha Jharia, ensured the mega success of the contest.

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