Believing a fake Whatsapp message on child abduction, mob kills a transgender in Hyderabad

Nation Next Newsroom | May 28, 2018 17:53

Hyderabad Police, on Sunday, arrested around 15 people for lynching to death a transgender (in Chandrayangutta area), whom the people believed was a member of a child abduction group. Their basis for the belief was a fake viral Whatsapp message about a kidnapping gang on the prawl in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. The victim has been identified as 51-year-old Chandraiah.

As per reports, a group of five transgenders arrived in Hyderabad from Mahabubnagar to seek alms in the holy month of Ramzan. When the transgenders were roaming in Naseeb Nagar at around 11:30 pm, some locals perceived them to be members of the kidnapping gang. The transgenders were confronted by the locals, who later beat them, pelted stones at them and hit them with sticks. During the attack, one of the victims died instantly while other two (Swamy and Narsing) were seriously injured and are reportedly battling for life at a hospital.

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When the police reached the spot, it tried to control the mob, which in turned attacked the police. It took the more than an hour for the police to bring the situation under control.

Hyderabad Police, has appealed to the citizens to not believe in fake news and rumours. The police tweeted, “Dear all, please don’t believe and share news that gangs from other states have entered into Telugu states (robbers and kidnappers) on your social media accounts. It is all fake.” The police added, “Don’t share viral content, which makes the citizens unnecessarily panic. If you suspect someone, just dial 100 or share information with your local police via whatever means is available to you. Thank you.”