Mominpura Bakramandi traders cannot go outside containment zone, High Court tells NMC

Nation Next Newsroom | May 15, 2020 18:05

Umesh Uthkhede, Krishna Maske and Dinesh Yewle, all residents of Wathoda, recently approached the Nagpur Bench of Bombay High Court opposing Nagpur Municipal Corporation’s plans to relocate the Bakramandi from the containment zone in Mominpura to a vacant land adjoin Symbiosis College, which is currently being used as a quarantine centre.

Advocate Kartik Shukul

The three Wathoda residents, through their counsel Advocate Kartik N Shukul, seeked quashing of the orders dated May 5 passed by the Deputy Commissioner of NMC authorizing the relocation. The petitioners also prayed for interim relief to make sure that people from within the containment zone are not allowed to travel outside.

The primary ground on which the petition was moved was that the order directing relocating of the Bakramandi was in breach of the orders passed by the NMC Commissioner dated May 12. Through these orders, Mominpura was declared as a containment zone. It was also argued that relocating the market defeats the very purpose for which containment zones were created. It was argued that there is every possibility that such a market would result in rapid spread of the COVID-19.

After hearing the both the parties, the court directed the police and the NMC to make sure that no traders or any other persons are allowed to move out of the containment zone of Mominpura to attend the Bakramandi. Notices were issued to all the respondents and the matter was adjourned with further directions to the respondents to file a reply.

Advocate Kartik N Shukul assisted by Advocate Aman Verma and Advocate Raghav Bhandakkar appeared for the Petitioner and Advocate Gemini Kasat appeared for the NMC.