Montfort School conducts 33rd National Sports Event to celebrate 300 years of service

Gursshheen Gahllen | Oct 21, 2016 19:42

With an intention to spread a message of togetherness and happiness as one team, Montfort School, Nagpur, is conducting the 33rd National Sports Event to celebrate 300 years of service by Montfort Schools all over India. The opening ceremony of the four-day sports event was held on October 19, 2016 at Montfort Senior Secondary School, Wardha road, Nagpur.

Present at the opening ceremony were Dr Surendra Ugale (PET member and organiser), Rev Brother Shine Alex (Principal, Montfort School, Nagpur), Rev Brother MA Anthony (Vice Principal, Montfort School, Nagpur), Brother Abraham Viruthukulangara (Arch Bishop, Arch Diocese, Nagpur), Rev Brother Pratap Reddy (Provincial Superior, Hyderabad), Rev Brother Sourdu Mar Reddy (General Secretary), Rev Brother Franky Noronha (Provincial Superior, Pune) and Rev Brother Jomon Joy (Middle School In charge, Montfort School, Nagpur).

Around 1500 students from 22 Montfort schools from four states of India were also present at the ceremony. The opening ceremony was a energetic affair as these students did march-pasts and gave brilliant dance performances.

The sports event will conclude on October 22, 2016. At the event different athletic, outdoor and indoor events will be conducted.