More than 100 cops help 20 doctors in Nagpur’s first heart transplant at New Era Hospital

Radhika Dhawad | Jun 7, 2019 8:00

Team of doctors at New Era Hospital during heart transplant

For the first time ever in Nagpur, New Era Hospital in Lakadganj performed a heart transplant surgery on a 28-year-old patient from Jhallar in Betul. Not just in Nagpur, the hospital on Friday became the first in Central India to perform a heart transplant.

Ganesh Chavan from Pune, on his 32nd birthday, donated his heart, liver and two kidneys. He was admitted in the KEM hospital Pune on 30th May after he suffered from a brain stroke. After treating him for six days, doctors declared him brain stem dead on 6th June. Chavan’s kidneys were given to Rubi Hall and Sasun Hospital and liver to KEM Hospital in Pune.

Dr Anand Sancheti along with fellow doctors at New Era Hospital in Nagpur

Chavan’s heart was flown down to the orange city after the city police created a ‘Green Corridor’ from Nagpur’s Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport to New Era Hospital. Once the doctors revive the heart, the surgery has to take place within four hours. So, within a span of seven minutes, the heart was taken to the hospital in the jam-packed area of Lakadganj.

Transplant surgeon from Nagpur Dr Anand Sancheti said that the patient is on ventilator and coming week is extremely crucial for them.

Dr Manoj Durairaj from Pune carried the heart from Pune to Nagpur. Surgeon Dr Vivek Lanje, cardiologist Dr Nidhish Mishra, anaesthetists Dr Sahil Bansal, Dr Savita Jaiswal, technicians Sudhakar Burde and Lokesh were in the team that performed the surgery.

Dr Ashwini Chaudhari, Shubham Raut, Murli Choudhary, and Avinash Sharma were the transplant coordinators. Director of New Era Hospital Dr Nilesh Agrawal, Dr Anand Sancheti, Dr Manoj Durairaj, Dr Vivek Lanje, cardiologist Dr Nidhish Mishra, anaesthetist Dr Sahil Bansal, Dr Savita Jaiswal, technician Sudhakar Burde, Lokesh, transplant coordinators Dr Ashwini Chudhari, Shubham Raut, Murli choudhary, Avinash Sharma made a significant contribution towards the successful transplant.

Under the guidance of President Dr Vibhawari Dani, Secretray Dr Ravi Wankhede, Heart Subcommittee Chairperson Dr PK Deshpande, Dr Mukund Deshpande, Dr Shrotey, the transplant was performed. Nagpur Zone coordinator Veena Wathore also played a key role.

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