MPCC expels senior Congress leader Satish Chaturvedi

Radhika Dhawad | Feb 23, 2018 8:56

Satish Chaturvedi
Satish Chaturvedi

MPCC (Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee) expelled senior Congress leader from Nagpur Satish Chaturvedi for promoting rebel candidates during Nagpur Municipal Elections in 2017. Adv Ganesh Patil, Secretary, MPCC, issued a letter to the senior leader by stating various reasons for the expulsion.

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Patil, in the letter, blamed Chaturvedi for carrying out ‘anti-party’ activities thus promoting indiscipline within the party. The letter also stated that Chaturvedi, who was issued a show cause notice by the District Congress Committee President Vikas Thakre in January 2018, failed to respond to the same and has been debarred from the Congress party.

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However, Nation Next tried to get in touch with Chaturvedi, but couldn’t get any response from the same.

Below is the letter issued by MPCC to Satish Chaturvedi.