Mr Wadettiwar! Don’t worry, I’m not contesting elections against you: Shreehari Aney

Radhika Dhawad | Aug 16, 2016 14:50

Advocate General Shreehari Aney
Shreehari Aney (Photo: Kartik Thakur)

Former Maharashtra minister and Congress MLA from Bramhapuri Vijay Wadettiwar vented his ire against former Advocate General of Maharashtra Shreehari Aney by calling him a BJP punter, in an interview with Nation Next. When Nation Next spoke to Aney to take his reaction on Wadettiwar accusing him of “planning activities with BJP and fooling the people,” Aney said, “Squarely, I don’t even want to react to this. But I don’t mind talking to you about the same. I’m not responding to what Mr Wadettiwar is saying. I’d like to basically tell you that it is very difficult to imagine that a political party (BJP) does a detailed planning to make me resign, so that a popular movement can be started. Such a thought exists more in the realm of imagination of certain people. In reality, I’ve been involved in the separate Vidarbha movement since the last 20 years. BJP could have picked up any of its leader to lead the Vidarbha movement. Why would they need an outsider like me?”

Aney also said that his leanings are more towards Congress than BJP as his grandfather Bapuji Aney had served as the president of the Indian National Congress. He also stated that he would have certainly gained more as the Advocate General of Maharashtra. He said, “By resigning, I gained nothing. If the ‘so called’ planning existed, is it not a bit too much to expect people like Narendra Modi, Mohan Bhagawat, Nitin Gadkari, Devendra Fadnavis and me, to sit together and plan a larger game plan for BJP? Such allegations are too far fetched. They don’t even deserve consideration!”

Responding to Wadettiwar’s questioning Aney’s popularity, he said, “Mr Wadettiwar is right in saying that I don’t enjoy popularity. I never claim to be a leader; I’m just a lawyer.”

Talking about his Vidarbha movement, Aney said, “Those who support Vidarbha, I’m happy to support them. I think if people look up to me, it’s because they think that I’m an honest person who will not misguide or mislead them, and also because I don’t have any political ambitions. These are the things, which people find in me, worth relying on. I have no illusions about leadership. I speak for Marathwada when I feel there’s injustice happening. I speak for Konkan too. These are the things that I would always support. Like I know that Delhi needs a complete statehood. A lieutenant governor is not good enough. I insist that Bundelkhand should become a state. These are things that I do at an intellectual level for my country.”

Taking potshots at Wadettiwar, Aney said, “Mr Wadettiwar may be rest assured that I’m not contesting against him or Congress! He needn’t worry on that front!”