Mumbai’s management college conducts case study on VICCO

Radhika Dhawad | Feb 24, 2020 18:45

Mumbai's management college Vidyalankar Educational Campus on February 22 conducted a case study on popular FMCG brand VICCO.
Sanjeev Pendharkar along with Principal Rohini Kelkar along with Nikita Shirke while being felicitated

Vidyalankar Educational Campus organised an event in their auditorium at Wadala, Mumbai on 22nd February 2020, in which Director at VICCO Laboratories Sanjeev Pendharkar was invited to address MBA students to discuss a case study on VICCO.

“VICCO made its way to the top from a small home grown brand to one of the undisputed leaders in the personal care sector today,” said Pendharkar while addressing students.

Pendharkar explained the journey behind VICCO’s marathon to sustainability and profitability and how to set goals in the presence of dignitaries.

A staunch follower of ‘never give up’ attitude, Pendharkar’s life story is one of the classic tales of overcoming struggles and emerging triumphant. Pendharkar added, “A zigzag path (struggle) it was indeed. Come to think of it, how can a road to success be a straight line any way?”

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