Music Maestro Shankar Mahadevan was a shy kid back in school!

Amar Ashok Jajoo | Oct 7, 2016 16:25

Music Maestro Shankar Mahadevan
Shankar Mahadevan (Photo by: Darshan Bagwe)

Shankar Mahadevan is a well-known name in India and around the world for his rich contributions to the field of music. Along with having a soulful voice, he is also known to be very humble. In a quick chat with Nation Next, music maestro Shankar Mahadevan spoke about music, how it can help kids and reveals how he was a shy kid back at school.

Shankar was once a shy kid!

It’s hard to believe but the now electrifying performer on the stage – Shankar Mahadevan was once a shy kid. He said, “I started performing pretty late in school and I was a very shy kid. I started performing only when I reached my fifth grade. A teacher in my school somehow got to know that I sing. He made sure I perform and after that there was no looking back. Post my first time on stage I was on stage every year for every function our school use to conduct. In my school music was not given priority that’s why today I want that music should be given priority in schools.”

Music as important as studies

Stressing on the importance of inculcating music early in a kid’s life, Shankar said, “I feel music is as important as science or geography or any subject. Music is a very powerful tool. Through music – one – you get a lot of joy and you become a very happy child. Secondly through music, you can teach so many things to a child. You can create any topic through music say about festivals of India, about culture of India, about states in India, about honesty, about generosity, about being a better human being and you can make children learn about all this in a much more better and fun way. Plus, ours is a country which has a rich heritage of Indian classical music. So if students get inclined to Indian classical music, we also make sure that we are preserving our heritage and culture.” 

Kids are fun

The singer runs an online music academy called as Shankar Mahadevan Academy which provides music lessons to students worldwide. The academy was also set up in Delhi Public School in Nagpur in 2010. The last time Shankar was in Nagpur was in February 2015, when he visited DPS, Nagpur along with wife Sangeeta and his talented son Siddharth for a special concert where he performed with the students of his academy. Prior to the concert, Shankar was seen having an amazing time with the kids in the school lawn wherein he sang for the kids and also made the kids sing along. Talking about his connect with Nagpur, Shankar said, “Nagpur has always been wonderful whenever I’ve performed here but that day was really special because my academy students of the DPS Nagpur were going to perform and we were going to witness what they learnt. It was the first time I visited Nagpur since the academy opened up. Kids are always fun and the innocence and energy they bring to the stage is unbelievable.”