Nagpur based VICCO signs Alia Bhatt as brand ambassador

Radhika Dhawad | Jan 23, 2020 18:50

Alia Bhatt

Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt will be representing Nagpur based brand VICCO Laboratories headed by Sanjeev Pendharkar. Bhatt will be the new face for the brand’s headliner product, VICCO Vajradanti and its variants. In a bid to overhaul its brand image, VICCO has signed Bhatt who is also considered a strong voice of millennial.

Alia’s track record of successful films that have delivered stupendous results at the box office and garnered favourable reviews from critics makes her a frontrunner in multiple categories of brands with FMCG being no exception.

Alia Bhatt with Sanjeev Pendharkar

The brand has been a heavy advertiser over cinema screens reaching to captive audiences but now with Alia on board, there will be a tectonic shift in their communication and media strategies. VICCO Vajradanti will now be seen across media spectrum. Talking about roping in Alia for the campaign, Sanjeev Pendharkar, Director, VICCO Laboratories said, “VICCO Vajradanti has been a household name since 1952. It has a large base of loyal users. The marketing task was to appeal to the younger generation, the millennial and also make Ayurveda a part of their daily regime hence helping them with good oral health. Who better than Alia as a brand ambassador to do this!”

Alia will be shooting for TV commercials and theatre spots followed by print and outdoor ads. The major shift in communication for VICCO will be the insertion of digital platform in their media plan and Bhatt will be seen in multiple short-format videos and content from VICCO that fits the digital space.

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Speaking about engaging with VICCO, Alia Bhatt stated, “I’m really excited to be a part of this journey with VICCO. I have grown up seeing their advertisements in theatres and they are imprinted in my mind. To take on this mandate of VICCO’s brand overhaul is a huge responsibility because this is a brand with legacy and deeply entrenched in the market. I’m all set to take the plunge.”

The storyline for the commercials and digital content captures VICCO’s brand trust and Alia’s fresh free-spirited disposal fuels the brand’s ambition of an overhaul. There are two central TVCS – a musical and one around a dentist theme to include good oral hygiene messaging. The campaign is designed and executed by Triton Communication. The campaign breaks with one TVC and a series of 15 seconders based on the variants. Speaking about VICCO’s brand overhaul with Alia Bhatt, Jyotsna Parikh, Creative Head Mumbai, Triton Communications, said, “It’s really exciting for a creative person to be part of a relaunch, especially when it’s a brand that we’ve grown up with and loved. The idea is simple. When teeth are happy, they sing. And the song they sing is the VICCO jingle. The jingle is the biggest asset of the brand and we’ve remixed it to make it young and modern. We found the perfect brand fit in Alia and we’re sure she’ll draw in the younger audience that we want to capture. This musical film will be followed by a more rational one but delivered with an Alia dose of mischievousness.”

Adding to this, Virendra Saini, Business Head Mumbai, Triton Communications said, “An opportunity to work on VICCO Vajradanti is a dream come true and a privilege. Years have passed but this brand has never compromised on its quality of being pure Ayurveda and in a time when so much of chemicals are being consumed, which is harmful to the body, the millennial of today need to connect with this trusted Ayurvedic brand for their oral hygiene. The idea was to build on the famous brand jingle by modernising it and making it stick with the youth of today.”

While the campaign breaks with TV, cinema spots and print campaigns running parallel, the digital content will be staggered all through the first quarter of the calendar year 2020. VICCO will also use Alia’s image in product containers and packaging through 2020.