Nagpur businessman hacked to death by father-son duo in broad daylight

Nation Next Newsroom | Apr 22, 2020 15:33

In a horrific incident, 45-year-old businessman was murdered by a father-son duo with sword on Tuesday afternoon in Nagpur. The victim, Haribhau Savarkar, was murdered in front of his house situated at Bhande plot square in Nagpur because of an issue related to property.

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As per the police, when Savarkar was being killed by the accused Bunty aka Sher Khan (35) and Noor Khan (50), Bunty’s mother Abeda Noor Khan kept encouraging the duo to kill Savarkar. When Savarkar’s wife tried to intervene, she was threatened by the duo.

As per a report in TOI, both Bunty and his father have previous offences registered against them. Noor Khan is said to have released on bail recently due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, the dispute between the duo and Savarkar was going on since the last twp years.

Sakkardara Police have booked Sher Khan, Noor Khan and Abeda Khan under sections 302, 34 and 114 of  the IPC and other relevant sections of different acts.