Nagpur Collector finally gives approval for liquor home delivery in city, sale through shops in rural areas

Amar Ashok Jajoo | May 14, 2020 19:47

Nagpur Collector Ravindra Thakare, on Wednesday, gave approval to liquor shops owners in rural and urban areas in Nagpur district to resume sales. While standalone liquor shops in rural areas can indulge in counter sale and home delivery of liquor, shops in urban areas can only indulge in home delivery.

Liquor shops, in shopping complexes and malls, will remain non-operational in both rural and urban areas. To be clear, liquor can only be sold to a person, if he/she has a permit. Needless to say, shops in containment zones in the entire district will remain shut.

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Online Sale of liquor | Some Important Guidelines

» All kinds of liquor except country liquor can be sold by shop owners in urban and rural areas. Sales can be made from 9am to 6pm.

» Shops within 200 meters of containment zones cannot indulge in sale of liquor

» Only a person with valid legal permit will be able to buy liquor. People who wish to apply for permit can do so by logging onto https://stateexcise.maharashtra.gov.in or https://exciseservices.mahaonline.gov.in

» Liquor shops owners and customers can take use Whatsapp, SMS or phones for communication of the transaction.

» Shop owners will have to employ delivery boys themselves to deliver liquor to customers at their houses. A shop owner cannot employ more than 10 such delivery boys.

» Payments can be taken by delivery boys through debit or credit card.

» Delivery boys need to have a permit as well approved by Excise department.

» Delivery boys need to take all precautions related to safeguarding themselves from COVID-19

» A shop owner will have to sell the unit of liquor at MRP and not more than that.

» Online e-commerce portal cannot be used by shop owners for delivery of liquor.

There are a number of other guidelines as well related to safety of shop owners, delivery boys and customers in the order issued by the district collector regarding the sale of liquor in urban and rural areas. You can read the entire document here: