Nagpur cop loses teeth, gets seriously injured after youth hits him with brick

Nation Next Newsroom | Feb 21, 2019 16:56

Twenty-five-year-old Akash Popre hit a thirty-year-old police constable (from Wadi Police Station) named Babasaheb Khade in Nagpur after the former tried to evade an arrest on Tuesday. Popre hit the cop’s face and head with brick, due to which the latter lost two teeth and sustained serious head injuries. So much so that Khade had to even undergo a minor surgery.

 A minor accident had taken place at Ambedkar Nagar when driver of a van hit two stationary bikes and fled the spot. Khade, after being informed about the same, rushed to the spot along with his colleague.

As the driver had fled, Popre came forward as a volunteer to drive the van to the police station with Khade as the passenger in it. However, Popre, instead of driving the car towards the station, turned the car in the wrong direction. Popre stopped the car near the road even after Khade tried convincing him to drive the car towards the police station.

As per his senior’s instructions, Khade grabbed the car’s key. That’s when Popre picked up a brick lying on the ground and brutally hit Khade’s face and head. After the attack, Popre fled the spot with the car.

However, the police nabbed Popre, who’s now been given a PCR for three days.

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