Nagpur cops spread traffic and fitness awareness through cycling during ‘Cyclotsav’

Nation Next Newsroom | Jul 2, 2019 21:11
Photojournalist: Himanshu Pal

With an intention to spread awareness about traffic rules and fitness and to promote a safe and accident free city, several Nagpur cops took to cycling on June 30 during the unique event ‘Cyclotsav’ organised by Nagpur Police.

Cyclotsav was flagged off by well-known doctor and Rajya Sabha MP Dr Vikas Mahatme, renowned Indian cyclist Amit Samarth, Gajanan Rajmane (DCP, Traffic), Vikram Sali (DCP, HQ), Deepanti Pal (Nagpur Bicycle Mayor) and other police officials in presence of many cycling enthusiasts.

Apart from ‘Men in Khakhi’ riding bicycles, another major attraction during the event was the performance by the police band.

Here are some pictures from Cyclotsav: