Nagpur criminal on parole kills cop’s wife after being disallowed to meet her son

Nation Next Newsroom | Apr 4, 2020 17:38

Nagpur man named Navin Suresh Gotefode (52), reportedly killed Crime Branch official Ashok Mule’s wife Sushila in Nandanvan area on Saturday morning. Gotefode, who was imprisoned for a murder charge, after being granted parole on March 28, slit Sushila’s throat at her residence. Sushila as per doctors was however declared dead upon arrival. It was said Gotefode shared a friendship with Sushila’s son and that irked her.

Gotefode on Friday had sought for permission to meet Sushila’s son, which the latter had denied. On the condition of anonymity, a constable said because Gotefode wasn’t allowed to meet his friend, he slit Sushila’s throat. The search for the accused is ongoing.

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