Nagpur to get its first potable water ATM

Radhika Dhawad | May 20, 2018 19:15

Guardian Minister Chandrashekhar Bawankule announced that Nagpur would soon get its first potable water ATM. Bawankule said that water ATM plants are being set up at Bidgaon near Bhandewadi as well. However, apart from Bhandewadi, 50 such plants have been set up in other areas of Nagpur too.

Bawankule told Nation Next, “We’ve set up such ATMs in almost 50-60 villages in Maharashtra, which costs Rs 12 lakhs each. We’ve made available 20 litres of water at a nominal price of Rs 5. The plant costs about Rs 12 lacs, which uses ultra-filtration technology similar to reverse osmosis (RO).We want to ensure people get clean and safe drinking water. Also, once the plants are set up, they would be handed over to women self-help groups.”

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Bawankule said that he would be using funds procured from corporate social responsibility (CSR) from various private companies for the setting up of the plant.

Mayank Gupta, a resident of Nagpur, said, “It’s a great initiative. Nagpur being an extremely hot city, people face a lot of problem in summers. Due to such ATMs, people can afford water, that too in good quantity. Moreover, as promised, the water would be clean and safe to drink so the chances of water-borne diseases would be minimum or even zero.”

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