Nagpur: Gang rivalry leads to kidnapping, murder of 20-year-old history-sheeter

Nation Next Newsroom | Jun 15, 2020 17:34

A 20-year-old boy, with a criminal record, was found dead at Dunda Maroti in the outskirts of Nagpur on June 14, 30 hours after he was kidnapped by three men. The kidnapping and murder is being said to be a result of rivalry between gangs of goons Rohit Ramteke and Lucky Telang. The victim, identified as Sunny Jangid, was found dead with several stab injuries on his body and his neck.

On June 13, Jangid had gone to attend a funeral at Manewada crematorium. As he stepped out of the crematorium, Jangid was whisked away on a scooter by three men including Parsheel Jadhav alias Monu Rider and Lalit Rewatkar. The police could identify the accused with the help of the CCTV footage of the kidnapping.

As per a report in a daily, Jangid was taken to a room, thrashed and was about to be murdered, when he pleaded for forgiveness and promised to give a considerable amount for his release. The kidnappers then took him to his house in Umrer. Since Jangid could not pay the promised amount and tried to flee, the accused fractured his leg and took him to a desolate place near Dunda Maroti, where they stabbed him to death. The kidnappers also sent a message in the locality about Jangid’s murder and fled the scene.

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One of the motives behind the murder is said to be a case of gang rape which provoked their old enmity. Although, Telang is jailed with Maharashtra Prevention of Dangerous Activities Act (MPDA) and Ramteke is also imprisoned, their gang members are still causing nuisance in the city.

According to a report, Ramteke had earlier barged into the house of Dattu Fatik, who is a bootlegger, which led to a case of robbery against Ramteke. Jangid, was the nephew of Fatik, who is friends with Telang, whose gang members had been targeting Ramteke.

Also, Fatik and Jangid were close to the rape survivor, who had lodged a complaint of gang rape against Ramteke and his gang at Ajni police station with the help of a social worker. The rivalry between Ramteke, Telang and Fatik’s gangs had worsened after the gang rape case.

As per latest reports, while Ajni police have arrested one of the three men involved in the crime, two others have surrendered.