Nagpur girl projects date trip with boyfriend as kidnapping to avoid parents’ scolding

Radhika Dhawad | Dec 26, 2019 15:00

In order to save from being scolded by parents, a 21-year-old girl (second year BA student) from Nagpur concocted her own kidnapping story to hide the fact that she was out with her boyfriend on the outskirts of Nagpur – Waki.

Sunil Gangurde, Inspector at Gittikhadan Police Station, said that girl’s parents along with her filed a police complaint in the evening on Monday. The girl told her parents that while she was on her way to college, four men forcibly made her sit in a car and took her to a secluded place. She said she somehow managed to escape from the place.

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The police along with a team of Nagpur Crime Branch officials immediately took the girl to the spot where she claimed the four men had taken her. As the girl narrated the entire incident, police smelt rat as she contradicted her own statements. After the police grew more suspicious, they checked the CCTV footage near her college and found a girl leaving with a young man on a bike. As soon as the cops confronted the girl in front of her family, she confessed she was the same girl and confessed concocting a fake kidnapping story to avoid getting scolded by her parents for leaving the house without informing them.

The girl said she left with her boyfriend for Waki from the college. The boyfriend then dropped her back near her house at Seminary Hills. As her parents believed her fake story, they took her to the police station and asked her to narrate the entire story.