Nagpur ICAI students protest against current system of evaluation; demand rechecking answer sheets

Radhika Dhawad | Sep 27, 2019 11:30

ICAI students in Nagpur

Along with hundreds of students protesting against Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), Nagpur students and CAs including Priyank Kedia, Pawan Sarda, Sumit Sarda, Ajay Vaswani, etc., too joined the bandwagon demanding a right to get students’ answer sheets revaluated and the right to get their answer sheets rechecked over re-totaling.

After multiple protests across the country, ICAI said that independent committee comprising former presidents and educationists had been constituted to look into the matter.

ICAI student in Nagpur

Nagpur students also demanded an amendment of Regulation 39(4) of the Chartered Accountants Act, 1949. This regulation only allows verification in case any candidate’s answers in any particular paper(s) has been examined and marked. It doesn’t allow re-examination of the answers. It also suggests that students can ask ICAI to only ‘re-total’ their marks and not question ‘wrongly-marked’ answers.

ICAI student in Nagpur

CA Priyank Kedia from Nagpur, said, “As it is the passing percentage is around two percentage in CA exams; at least the institute can go lenient with the questions. We can only ask for re-totaling and not rechecking currently. Moreover, the high fees make it extremely difficult for lakhs of students to re-appear for exams. Despite so many of my students writing correct answers in the exams, they’re given a zero for that.”

Priyank added, “We just want a grievance mechanism and accountability from ICAI. Just a mechanism, in which we can ask for rechecking; we’re ready to pay the required fees for the same.”

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