Watch Nagpur moms dancing with their babies at this babywearing flash mob

Report by: Amar Ashok Jajoo

Photojournalist: Abhishek Thakare

Jul 17, 2018 21:33

Quite a few Nagpur moms were seen shaking a leg with their adorable babies at Vidarbha’s 1st Babywearing Flash mob organised at Ginger Mall on July 14. The unique event was organised by Nagpur Moms Club, Fit Mom Pregnancy Wellness Center and PBs Zumba Fitness Studio in association with Nation Next as the media partner. While Nagpur Moms Club is an online support forum founded by Anisha Agrawal, Apeksha Munde, Nikita Bembi and Ritu Kukreja, Fit Mom Pregnancy Wellness Center and PBs Zumba Fitness Studio are spearheaded by Dr Pankhuri Khemani and Kiran Kotwani respectively.

Speaking to Nation Next about the babywearing flash mob, Ritu said, “Through the flash mob, we wanted to spread awareness about the right babywearing techniques and bring in the western culture of babywearing to the city. We also wanted to give the message that moms can do anything and everything while handling their babies. Dance is the last thing one would think of while handling a baby, hence the flash mob!”

The moms who participated at the flash mob underwent a two-day training. While Dr Khemani, who’s a physiotherapist and a pregnancy wellness expert, taught the moms how to handle the carriers, Kotwani, who’s a Zumba instructor, choreographed the flash mob. Speaking to Nation Next, Dr Khemani said, “As a physiotherapist, my job is to make people aware about the ergonomics of carrying a baby. When a baby is carried in an ergonomic carrier, the baby won’t undergo pain in hip and knee. The carriers, which are available in Nagpur are not at all ergonomic. So, it was my job to train these moms to carry their respective babies in the ergonomic carriers, which we procured from Bengaluru, Mumbai and Indore. We faced a lot problems as the children were not in the habit of being so close to their mothers. Also, they would get cranky at times and then we had to cheer them up with music or balloons. Eventually, it was a great flash mob. All mothers enjoyed it and we are eagerly waiting for the next babywearing flash mob.” The carriers were procured from Little wings and Klingaroo carriers. Kotwani, while speaking about her experience training the mothers, said, “On the first day, we trained the mothers without their babies. We made sure that the steps were easy. Then on the second day, the mothers were accompanied by their babies. It was super fun to train these moms, who learned the steps very quickly. In just one hour, they were ready!”

When Nation Next spoke to a few moms, they expressed happiness over being a part of the flash mob. Nikita Thakrani said, “After the birth of my son, I forgot my old life. Participating in this activity reminded me of that life and was great fun.” Bhavika Nimgade said, “Post the delivery, my daily routine revolves entirely around my baby. This flash mob not only gave me a much needed break, but also made me aware about the ergonomical carrier.” Sana Khan added, “The purpose behind joining this flash mob was having a good and sweet memory with my baby.”

With so many moms loving the concept of babywearing flash mob, we asked Ritu if this would be a regular activity. Ritu said, “Yes, we have got a lot of requests to make it a regular activity. So maybe we will do it again but we also have some other things in the pipeline. We are extremely happy that the flash mob went the way we wanted it to.” Speaking about the future activities Nagpur Moms Club plans to do conduct, Nikita said, “Keeping in mind the wants and requests of the mothers and based on our personal research, we plan to do more activities for moms and we will cater to all age groups. We also got requests to do some activity for the fathers, so we will try to do something for the fathers as well.”

Nagpur Moms Club founders, who were mighty happy because of the the great response to the flash mob, also urged mothers to join the Nagpur Moms Club group on Facebook. Anisha said, “Our group is for moms, moms-to-be and mompreneurs. It is founded by the moms and is for the moms and we want all the Nagpur Moms to join the group to help us create something beautiful and plan more activities for them in the future.” Nikita added, “Ours is a support group for moms, so please add all moms you know to the group. Ask your weirdest questions because we are there to help you!”

Here’s the video of the babywearing flash mob!