Nagpur NGO Manaswini celebrates the spirit of womanhood

Report by: Nation Next Newsroom

Photojournalist: Himanshu Pal

Mar 19, 2018 13:13

Nagpur NGO Manaswini celebrated International Women’s Day with a lot of excitement as it organised various competitions for its members. Manaswini, which is a women’s organization, aims at empowering girls and women through education, skill development, health awareness and sanitation. Most of the women who turned up at the celebrations by the NGO wore shades of purple, a colour, which symbolizes ‘dignity and justice.’

One of the most interesting competitions on the occasion was an essay competition on the topic – Celebrating Myself. It’s usually seen that women, generally, ignore their individual lives completely while taking care of their family and other responsibilities. They stop caring for themselves. This round was to celebrate the spirit of womanhood. Dr Sonal Dhabekar, Dr Shraddha Prashant and Sangeeta Kukade were the winners of this competition.

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In another competition, women got to showcase their talent and they surely gave their best! Shikha Khare who performed a dance and Pooja Patil who recited poetry were the winners of this competition.

The next competition was – Creative Hands – wherein the members got to display various items prepared by them. The winners of this competition were Shilpa Rahate who displayed her beautiful Ceramic Painting and Bhavana Chapke who baked a ‘Doll Cake’ based on the Women’s day theme.

The last competition was the – Women’s Day Queen Contest. In this contest, all the participants had to first introduced themselves in a poetic manner and then answer the general questions asked by the judges – Dr Usha Sakure and Suman Tiwari. The winners, who were judged on basis of their confidence and talent, were Priya Gawai, Vandana Vyas and Priti Prayagi.