Nagpur Police forcibly pull out a clump of hair of youth, cut the remaining with knife

Radhika Dhawad | Jan 19, 2018 17:23


In a shocking incident few days back, the detection wing employees from Pachpaoli police station in Nagpur forcibly pulled out a clump of hair from the scalp of Bharat Raskatta, and cut his remaining hair with knife. Twenty-year-old Bharat, who’s a first year student of arts, despite not being accused in any case, had to forcibly shell out Rs 4,500 to walk free from the police station.

Three policemen, who were trying to extract information about an accused from Bharat, picked him up from the floor and grabbed his long hair from three different directions. According to a report in The Times of India, Bharat said, I’ve no crime record or even a complaint of any sort against me. While I was being kicked from behind, the cops pulled my long hair from different sides. Even before the cops used knives to cut off my hair, they literally pulled a clump of hair from the skin, inflicting unbearable pain.”

Bharat, who kept convincing the cops of being innocent by not having any information of an accused named Rohit Parate (whom Bharat had ran into, while riding a borrowed bike of Vikrant Meshram), accused the police of torturing him at the police station. He said that he’s yet to come to terms with the humiliation he faced.

After the police set him free, he rushed to a salon to make his hair look normal. As per the report in The Times of India, he said that he would’ve become a laughing stock for his neighbours and friends in college. He further said, “Our senior officials should ensure that no citizen is tortured like this.”

Rahul Maknikar, zonal DCP, assured that an ACP is looking into the matter. He further said, “Firstly, we need to find out if the incident occurred in the first place.”

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