60 Seconds Story: Nagpur Police raids Ganga Jamuna; finds several minor girls in pits dug beneath the beds

Suyash Sethiya | Mar 21, 2017 21:37

Lakadganj Police along with the arrested sex workers and clients after a raid at Ganga Jamuna, Nagpur. (Photo by: Ritesh Borkar)

→ Nagpur Police today in the afternoon carried out a big raid at the red light area Ganga Jamuna, Nagpur wherein it not only arrested several sex workers and clients, but also rescued more than 15 minor girls.

→ Shockingly, the cops discovered a number of pits dug up beneath the beds at Ganga Jamuna which were used by the pimps to hide these minor girls. Needless to say, these minor girls were being forced in the flesh trade against their wish.

Raid at Ganga Jamuna (2)
Photo by: Ritesh Borkar

→ The raid was led by Lakadganj ACP Rina Janbhandu along with policemen from Lakadganj Police Station and PI Narendra Hiwre (Pachpaoli Police Station) under the guidance of DCP Zone 3 Sambhaji Kadam.

→ All the arrested accused have been booked under Immoral Trafficking (Prevention) Act and other relevant Acts and further investigations are in process.