Nagpur Police on poll duty: 5000 cops deployed for bandobast, checking flow of cash, liquor

    Radhika Dhawad | Apr 9, 2019 22:35

    Nagpur Police gears up, once again.

    With barely one day to go for voting for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in Nagpur, city Police has rolled out plans for combating illegal activities that could possibility take place 48 hours before polls and even during the polling day.

    Nation Next spoke to DCP Special Branch Nirmala Devi of Nagpur Police about the heavy bandobast ahead of the polls.

    5000 police personnel on duty

    From Tuesday evening post 5 pm, Nagpur Police have deployed a total of 5000 police personnel for election duty in the city to ensure law and order is maintained during the crucial 48 hours before polling and during the day of polling. Devi told Nation Next, “Around 110 personnel of Central Armed Special Forces, two companies of State Reserve Police Force, 65 police officers from Maharashtra Police Academy, 300 constables from the state police including 50 women constables, 1,600 home guards (that include 200 woman home guards) have been assigned duty.”

    She added, “Out of 7000 policemen, 3100 cops have been assigned election duties. Also, CAF and SRPF teams have been deployed at 52 important polling booths. Flying squads and special patrolling teams would be vigilantly patrolling various areas in the city during late nights.”

    Dry day declared to curb alcohol distribution

    Devi said that the Maharashtra government has declared April 9, 10 and 11 as dry day to ensure distribution of alcohol is restricted. She said, “Around eight naakas have been set up and the all the concerned police personnel have been instructed to check all passing vehicles and confiscate liquor. Also, all 30 police stations in the city have been allotted multiple naakabandi points.

    Marriage halls, hotels under strict vigilance

    Devi said, “From Thursday night till polling, we’re checking if any outsider is staying in any lodge, hotel, etc to avoid bogus voting.”

    Rs 23 lakhs already seized, given back!

    Devi told Nation Next that around Rs 23 lakhs were confiscated by a team of 32 Static Surveillance Teams (SST) but it was only after due diligence, the entire amount was given back. Devi added, “We’ll start getting quite many complaints from tonight. So we’ve alerted all our cops at every point to ensure no illegal activity is being carried out. If anything unlawful happens, we plan to rush to the spot within five minutes of being notified!”

    City cops undergo exclusive training

    Devi said that every city cop underwent exclusive training session from January to combat election-related illegal activities.

    Please cooperate; can’t recognise lawbreakers by faces, says DCP

    Devi through Nation Next urged Nagpurians to cooperate with Nagpur Police till the polling day. She said, “I request all Nagpurians to cooperate with us as we can’t recognise lawbreakers by seeing their faces. We have to stop people and do the checking.”

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