Nagpur Police seize 2540 litres of ‘Mahua’ from Gittikhadan house

Amar Ashok Jajoo | Apr 27, 2020 20:44

Nagpur Police personnel with the confiscated ‘Mahua’

Nagpur Police on Monday raided a house situated in Gittikhadan and seized 2540 litres of Mahua (country liquor) stored in rubber tubes and plastic barrels.

As per the police report, when the police personnel from Gittikhadan were on regular patrolling duty, they got a tip-off about huge quantity of mahua being stored at a couple’s house. When the cops reach the house to conduct the raid, the couple – Dhamma Ramchandra Dongre (34) and Jayshree Dhamma Dongre (32) fled the house after watching the cops.

Barrels , in which Mahua was stored

When the cops searched the house, they found 320 litres of Mahua stored in rubber tubes and 2220 litres stored in plastic barrels in the bathroom of the house. The total cost of mahua seized is close more than Rs 2 lakh. Additionally, the cops also seized 2 two-wheelers.

Gittikhadan Police have booked the couple under section 65 (e)(f) of the Maharashtra Prohibition Act.