Nagpur Police sets up bandobast near top colleges, 261 traffic violators penalized

Nation Next Newsroom | Jul 11, 2019 21:43

Nagpur Traffic Police (File Photo: Nation Next)

Nagpur Traffic Police’s Sitabuldi division, on Wednesday, penalized as many as 261 traffic violators after cops undertook a special drive near some of the major colleges in the city. Most of these violators were penalized for not wearing helmets. The violators also included minors without valid driving licences and those who were tripling.

As part of the special drive, following directives from Nagpur Police Commissioner Dr BK Upadhyay, traffic cops were stationed near top colleges like Shivaji Science College, Dhanwate National College, GS College, etc.

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While the drive was mainly to guide and counsel the young students against breaking traffic rules, the traffic cops called and counselled parents of students, directing them not to provide geared vehicles to their wards and reminding them to guide their wards about obeying rules.

To take the move to another level, the traffic cops have also planned to convene a meeting of college heads to impress upon students the necessity to obey the rules for their own safety and that of other road users.