Nagpur Traffic Police asks citizens to refrain from taking up Kiki Challenge

Nation Next Newsroom | Aug 5, 2018 15:34

Image tweeted by Mumbai Police.

If you live in Nagpur and are thinking of taking up the viral Kiki Challenge, don’t! Nagpur Traffic Police has issued a statement asking citizens to refrain from trying the Kiki Challenge.

The challenge involves a person getting out of a moving car and then dancing on singer Drake’s popular song ‘In my Feelings,’ while the car is moving slowly and the driver is recording the video of the person dancing. The challenge has gone viral on social media and has prompted many people worldwide including popular celebrities to take up the challenge. Cops in many Indian cities have warned youngsters against trying the challenge.

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Nagpur Traffic police while issuing the warning has said in the statement that the challenge can not only be dangerous for the people trying it but can also be dangerous for other people on the road. Traffic police has urged the citizens to bring to notice anybody who’s taking up the challenge. Nagpur Traffic Police can be contacted on Twitter on the handle @trafficngp or on Whatsapp on 9011387100.