Nagpur Prahar members come to aid of Kerala flood victims

Nation Next Newsroom | Sep 12, 2018 17:21

Praharis (standing in second and third row) who went for rescue and rehabilitation work in flood hit Kerala. (Photo by: Abhishek Thakare/Nation Next)

Nine members of Prahar Samaj Jagruti Sanstha recently returned to Nagpur after carrying out rescue and rehabilitation work in Kerala, which has been affected by severe floods starting from July 2018. The Praharis who were part of the rescue and rehabilitation work included Satish Morey, Suraj Khaparde, Nitin Lakhade, Rohit Himte, Kunal Hamre, Ashwin Humne, Premsagar Gollapalli, Kiran Sangawar and Praful Mudholkar.

The praharis left for Kerala from Nagpur on August 21 and went to Ramkrishna Math Ashram in Thiruvalla. At Thiruvalla, praharis unloaded two trucks of relief material and packed it into small bags to send it to remote areas, where relief material had not reached. These bags contained food grains, biscuits, clothes, buckets and brooms.

Thereafter, praharis visited Pandanadu, Periyar and other places to provide essential relief material to the flood victims. The biggest challenge, which praharis faced was making sure that the relief material reached remote areas as the material was very often grabbed by people on the way due to its scarcity. Praharis made token for people to ensure that everbody gets the relief material.

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Praharis distributed 200-250 packets of relief material everyday and in all distributed 4,000 packets of relief material to the flood victims in remote areas.

Prahar Samaj Jagruti Sanstha was founded in 1994 by late Col Sunil Deshpande VSM. Col Deshpande always wanted to send members (praharis) of his organization to undertake rehabilitation work in areas affected by natural calamities. Keeping in mind the preparation required for such work, Col Deshpande sent a team of praharis for civil defense and disaster management training. Col Deshpande’s praharis had also gone to earthquake affected Gujarat in 2000 to help the victims. Praharis were also involved in rehabilitation work in Uttarakhand in 2013.