Nagpur psychotherapists launch a depression awareness campaign with a flash mob

Team Nation Next | Oct 5, 2017 16:25

Flash Mob - Traffic Park - Depression Awareness (3)
Youngsters at the Flash Mob at Traffic Park, Nagpur

With an intention to spread awareness about the alarmingly increasing depression rates in India, Inner Planet – Manahsparash – a firm headed by three Nagpur psychotherapists – Yogita Madan, Barkha Nayak and Zohra Master – has launched a campaign called – MHAW (Mental Health Awareness Campaign).

The campaign, which will take place during the month of October 2017 kick started with a flash mob at Traffic Park, Nagpur, on October 2. At this flash mob, which was choreographed by Tanuja Sawangikar, around 60 people danced to raise awareness about depression. All the songs used during the flash mob were related to depression and emphasized on the importance of acknowledging depression, breaking the stigma around it and seeking help for the same.

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Under the MHAW campaign, four interactive events will be held in October. The first event will be held on October 6 at LAD College (Shankar Nagar campus) from 10 am to 1 pm and will be exclusively for the students of the college. The remaining events will be held on October 8 at Central Mall (from 5 pm to 8 pm) and on October 12 and October 15 at Walker’s street from 5 pm to 9 pm and 5 am to 9 am respectively. The entry to the events has been kept free of cost.