Nagpur RJs grieved by RJ Shubham’s untimely death

Suyash Sethiya | Oct 20, 2016 20:28

Contemporary RJs in Radio Mirchi and other radio stations in Nagpur are shocked and saddened with RJ Shubham's untimely death.
RJ Shubham at Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM station, Nagpur

The news of Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM’s RJ Shubham’s untimely death, earlier in the morning today, came as a shocker for Nagpurians. RJ Shubham, touted as the youngest morning show radio jockey in India, was just 22 years old. Contemporary RJs in Radio Mirchi and other radio stations in Nagpur are shocked and saddened with Shubham’s sudden death. They voice their disbelief and grief as they speak to Nation Next.

RJ Akki, 93.5 Red FM

I still remember the first time when I met Shubham two years back near old VCA premises, Sadar. I’m friends with most people in the Nagpur radio industry, but Shubham was a very close friend and we used to hangout together a lot. He was cool, calm and had a positive approach towards life. It’s sad that at just 22, God took him away from his family and friends. I think the time for each one of us to go is pre decided and it’s really unfortunate that it’s was my close friend Shubham’s turn to leave the world today!

RJ Jia, Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM

Shubham was my junior and still we both used to fight a lot. In spite of that, we shared a really sweet relationship with each other. Shubham always used to tease me a lot. He was very ambitious towards his goals. He was a kind of guy who could crack jokes in any situation. There are many memories with Shubham which I cherish. I was numb when I got to know he’s no more. I was crying and the thought of his mother made me cry more!

RJ Milind, Radio Orange 91.9 FM

When I left Radio Mirchi, Shubham was appointed as an RJ for the morning show which I used to host. His show was pretty interesting and I liked it a lot. He was always very focused and energetic during his show. He had a good connect with Nagpurians and was a good anchor too. Shubham’s death came a complete shock to me and I cannot believe that he’s no more!

RJ Neel, Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM

It’s a sad moment for everyone in Nagpur. I write poems and Shubham was really fond of my poetry. Once I wrote a line as a tribute to cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar on his birthday. The lines were ‘Ek baat kahu hasoge toh nahi? Mujhe aasman chhuna hain!‘ These lines were Shubham’s favourite. Shubham was a very straight forward and a spontaneous guy. I am shocked. All I can say is that, life is really cruel at times and you can’t really predict what will happen next!

RJ Deepika, Radio City 91.1 FM

I always found RJ Shubham very energetic. He was really young and one could experience that raw young energy while he hosted the morning show. His death is unbelievable for our team at Radio city too. It was during my show today that I got to know about his death. I announced that I won’t be hosting today’s show. It is a big loss for Nagpur radio industry.