Nagpur teenager who went to meet his ‘Facebook girlfriend’ kidnapped

Nation Next Newsroom | Feb 28, 2018 13:03

→ A 17-year-old Nagpur teenager Rohan (name changed) was kidnapped yesterday when he went out to meet his girlfriend, whom he had befriended on social media site Facebook a week ago.

→ As per reports, Rohan and the girl were chatting since the past one week and finally decided to meet yesterday. The girl texted Rohan to come and meet her at Walkers Street. When Rohan reached the location, he was told to come to another location around CP Club. When Rohan went there, instead of the girl, two boys met him and kidnapped him. They made Rohan sit on his moped and fled the spot.

→ The boys then made a ransom call from Rohan’s phone to his father and demanded around Rs 1.25 lakh and called him at a location. Rohan’s father alerted his family members and the police. The kidnappers kept changing the location for the ransom and finally told Rohan’s father to come near Kasturchand Park with the money.

→ When Rohan’s father went near Kasturchand Park, he got a call from Rohan, who told him that he was at a friend’s place in Jaripatka. Rohan also informed his father that the kidnappers let him go. The police, which was looking out for Rohan throughout the day, is investigating the case further.