Nagpur University conducts a seminar on the importance of saving trees and concretisation of footpaths

Juhi Sethi | Apr 6, 2017 16:40

RTM Nagpur University Alumni Association recently organised a talk by Founder of Matrubhumi Centre for Natural Resources Conservation – Swanand Soni – on the topic ‘Saving of Nagpur City from choking of Trees by Concretisation of Foot paths, Roads and Public Places.’

Swanand in his speech shared his knowledge and experience on how trees that are located on the roads can be saved. He focussed on the need to especially save the bigger trees that are on the roads as they are covered by tiles, concrete or even tar, which restricts the growth of the trees.

He further added, “The trees will die soon if we keep staying indifferent towards their preservation. Trees are the universal oxygen suppliers and are the most essential element to survive. So, we should find a solution to protect and preserve our environment.” During this on-going discussion, he also explained in detail about the provisions of The Maharashtra (Urban Areas) Protection and Preservation of Trees Act, 1975, and the latest amendment of same act in 2016. He also deliberated that the role of the municipal bodies should be to protect and nourish the trees.

Chief Guest Kaustav Chatterjee (Founder of NGO Green Vigil Foundation) in his speech said, “It’s every citizen’s duty to protect and save the trees. Concretisation of roads has become a threat for the existence and survival of trees. Concretisation has many detrimental effects on biodiversity. It causes immense damage to the trees, soil, climate, living organisms and habitat of tree dwellers.” He also shared many instances when Nagpurians sought help of his NGO – Green Vigil Foundation.

General Secretary of RTM Nagpur University Alumni Association Sudhir Paliwal said that in the name of development, nature couldn’t be compromised. “Trees give us oxygen and they’re also home to various species. Nagpur was a much greener city once upon a time with tall and healthy trees all around. Earlier, many roads had beautiful canopies as trees had enough space to grow unlike now,” he added.

The President of RTM Nagpur University Alumni Association Dr Shreenivas Khandewale along with retired IAS officers RK Zutshi and his wife Chitkaca Zutshi also attended the programme, which was held at RTM Alumni Association, University Library premises, Maharajbag Road, Ramdaspeth, Nagpur.

Pictures by: Kartik Thakur