Meet the finalists of Mrs Maharashtra 2016 from Nagpur

Juhi Sethi | Oct 21, 2016 21:51

Swati Banerjee and Sholly Sethi are going to represent Nagpur at the finals of Mrs Maharashtra 2016 beauty pageant to be held in Pune on October 23, 2016.
Swati Banerjee (left) and Sholly Sethi (right) are going to compete at the grand finale of Mrs Maharashtra 2016 to be held on October 23, 2016 in Pune.

Two women from Nagpur are going to represent the city at the finals of Mrs Maharashtra 2016 beauty pageant to be held in Pune on October 23, 2016. Nagpur women – Swati Banerjee and Sholly Sethi  who are all set to complete with finalists from other parts of Maharashtra are currently undergoing a four-day grooming session for the finale. In a conversation with Nation Next, Swati and Sholly spoke about their journey till the finale and their reasons for being a part of the pageant.

You have reached the finals of Mrs Maharashtra 2016. Did you expect to reach till the finale? What made you be a part of this beauty pageant?

Swati Banerjee: I have been training students of LAD College, Nagpur for its annual event – ‘Miss LAD personality contest’ since the last two years. I went for Mrs Maharashtra 2016 audition to know how exactly it feels to be on the other side! I always wanted to experience the feeling of walking on the ramp. Also, I’m more of an adventurous person who wants to experience everything in life. I feel extremely elated to be a part of this beauty pageant.

Sholly Sethi: At the risk of not sounding modest at all, I’ll say that I always knew that I had a pleasing personality and good analytical and verbal skills. It was my daughter Juhi who motivated me to be a part of this pageant. I had won a beauty pageant title in my school. Also, I was offered a movie by Subhash Ghai when I was 21, but I wasn’t allowed at home to be a part of it! Since then, I always wanted to be a model. When I got the opportunity of being a part of this pageant, I grabbed it immediately. I never got my due recognition, which my husband got, while working together in the family business. So, I became all the more ambitious.

Did you face any difficulties in being a part of Mrs Maharashtra 2016?

Swati Banerjee: I faced no difficulties as such. In fact, my family was too supportive. My mother has flown down from Australia to Nagpur to take care of my daughters for a week since I’ll be gone for the finale. My husband and my daughters are my support system and are extremely proud of me. I learn from them every single day.

Sholly Sethi: Had this pageant taken place three years back, it wouldn’t have been possible for me to participate! My husband wasn’t too convinced with the idea of me participating in a pageant like this earlier. But of late, there has been a sea change in him and he’s my biggest strength today. My children have also always encouraged me to chase my dreams.

Winning this pageant will bring a lot of recognition to you. What change will you want to bring if you win this beauty pageant?

Swati Banerjee: Nagpur is on the verge of becoming a smart city. People’s perception too is changing for good. People who know me would be extremely happy if I win this pageant and it will add one more feather in my cap. If I win, I’ll make sure that women come out and face the world confidently so that they are open to new horizons in life.

Sholly Sethi: I never got an opportunity to prove myself. I would always think of what all I could have achieved so far, whenever I would read about famous personalities in the newspapers. If I win, de-addicting youngsters from vices and empowering women would be my priority. I feel that this is the right time for a woman to understand that she is no longer the weaker sex. She should consider herself equivalent to a man!

How has your journey for the pageant Mrs Maharashtra 2016 been so far?

Swati Banerjee: My journey has been incredible! From the auditions till now; it’s been absolute fun. I never expected to come this far and I’m enjoying every moment right now. Right from getting my outfits designed to the preparations for the finale, everything is a wonderful experience.

Sholly Sethi: My journey in this pageant has been full of roses. I feel that getting selected was a cake walk. The moment I came to know that I was selected for the finale, I started shopping for good jewellery, make up, etc.