Nagpur youngster brews whole new experience of coffees at ‘Macobrew’

Radhika Dhawad | May 16, 2019 16:14

Nagpur youngster Anand Jodh came up with - Macobrew - for making cold brew coffee with their coffee bags packed with freshly ground coffee.
Macobrew Cold Brew Coffee – Speciality coffee made easy!

Nagpur youngster Anand Jodh, an engineering and a management graduate by qualification, is one of the few lads in the city who ditched the conventional standards and converted his passion into profession. Anand for the first time in Nagpur came up with the concept of ‘Cold Brew Coffees’ at – Macobrew – his unique business venture. Macobrew provides equipment-free as well as eco-friendly solution for brewing cold brew coffee at home with their coffee bags packed with freshly ground coffee.

Macobrew provides:

  1. Cold brew coffee bags 
  2. Customised cold brew coffee based recipes as per specific country, weather, region, taste, etc. 
  3. 100% Arabica Coffee beans roasted in small batches. 

When we spoke to Anand, he said, “When I travelled across the globe, I realised that we in Nagpur had been consuming extremely poor quality of coffee. That’s when I thought of coming up with Macobrew.”

Smell the coffee!

Macobrew was started in 2018 with a goal to make speciality coffee easy. Anand, through Macobrew, became the pioneer in bringing the easiest way to make cold brew coffee in India and is currently delivering his products from  online store www.macobrew.in to almost 25 cities across the country. The start-up provides its products to:

  1. Consumers who place direct order on their website or through Amazon and other market places. 
  2. Cafes
  3. Corporate Offices 
  4. Pubs and Lounges

Brew your coffee at home!

Macobrew Cold Brew Coffee bags help you brew cold brew coffee at home without any hassles and equipment. Their coffee bags contain freshly ground coffee packed in the highest quality filter bags imported from Germany. Thanks to the patient brewing process of Macobrew coffee bags, all the flavours are extracted from ground coffee.

The slow and cold brewing process allows one to taste all the notes and flavours out of the coffee in the purest and fullest form. Once can find all the flavours in the cold brew coffee that one wouldn’t find in the same coffee when using a hot brewing method.

Macobrews’ unique coffee beans

Macobrew handpicks 100% Arabica Beans from the best estates of India. These beans are roasted to perfection at Corridor Seven Coffee Roasters in Nagpur by Mithilesh Wazalwar – one of the only 25 people in India who is a certified ‘Coffee Q – Grader’ as well as the first Aeropress Champion from India. 

Below are the different varieties of coffee that the start-up provides in its cold brew coffee bags as well as the tasting notes associated with each one of them:

  1. Light Roast, Baarbara Estate, Tasting Notes – Hint Of Lemon, Sweet Finnish
  2. Light Roast, Meghalaya Blend, Tasting Notes – Mandarin 
  3. Light Roast, Sc03 Estate, Tasting Notes – Mandarin, Sweet Lime 
  4. Light Roast, Sc26B Estate,Tasting Notes – Sweet Lime 
  5. Medium Roast, Sc03 Estate, Tasting Notes – Mandarin, Caramel 
  6. Medium Roast, Baarbara Estate, Tasting Notes – White Chocolate, Cloves, Caramel
  7. Medium Roast, Shashi Estate, Tasting Notes – Cinnamon
  8. Medium Roast, Momentum Blend, Tasting Notes – Cloves, Cocoa
  9. Medium Roast, November Rain, Tasting Notes – Cinnamon
  10. Dark Roast, Shashi Estate, Tasting Notes – Dark Chocolate, Smoky 

Quick Cold Brew Coffee recipes for the coffee lovers!

Macobrew also provides assistance on brewing the best coffee recipes depending on the place, weather and other additional factors. Below are some quick recipes, which can be easily made with Macobrew Cold Brewed Coffee at home: