Nagpur youngster to supply blood, medicines through Asia’s first ‘medical drone delivery system’

Tejaswini Thote | Sep 7, 2018 16:59

Nagpur youngster Anshul Sharma, along with Kolkata-based Arunabha Bhattacharya and Rishabh Gupta, soon plan to reach thousands of needy people through Asia’s first ever medical drone delivery system – Bloodstream Drones. The youngsters, all in their early twenties, plan to supply blood, medicines, vaccines, anti-snake venom serum, etc., apart from other life-saving equipment for patients in rural areas across India.

The youngsters Anshul Sharma (Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer) Arunabha Bhattacharya (Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer) and Rishabh Gupta (Chief Financial Officer) at ‘Air Aid Pvt Ltd,’ left their jobs for this initiative. Bloodstream Drones, the Nagpur-based drone logistics company operated by the youngsters, would begin its operations from mid 2019. It aims at saving almost 110 post-delivery women by providing them with blood whenever required.

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When Nation Next spoke to Dr Harish Warbhe, Director at Lifeline Blood Bank, Nagpur, who’s working closely with Bloodstream Drones, he said “Drone delivery system is a very good initiative undertaken by the three boys. The concept of supplying blood to women, who bleed post-delivery, is great as due to traffic congestion, many deaths take place as extreme blood loss happens to women.”

He further said, “I’ll be a technical support to them. I’ll guide them on the technical aspects like ‘what should be the temperature of blood,’ ‘how it should be transported, etc.”

Entrepreneur Anshul told Nation Next, “In a country like India, we have a large population in rural areas but unfortunately, they don’t have adequate access to medical facilities. So, our purpose is to fill the gaps by providing them the things which they need.”