Nagpur youngsters chill over music and poetry at ‘Suphony Extravaganzas’

Nation Next Newsroom | Jul 5, 2019 17:27
Photojournalist: Bhavesh Mahalle

Quite a few Nagpur youngsters had a gala time with their friends as they enjoyed an evening filled with music and poetry at an event called ‘Suphony Extravaganzas’ organised at Carnations Lounge in Sadar.

While city vocalist Iha Buty regaled the audience with popular Bollywood and Western songs, Mohit Varu won hearts with his wonderful stories and poems.

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Suphony Extravaganzas, is a platform created with an intention to promote the young and fresh talent from Nagpur. It is a concept by city youngsters Yomesh Kewalramani, Mayank Motwani and Chirag Dewani.

Here are some pictures from the event at Carnations Lounge: