Nagpurians dump more than 270 million litres of waste in Nag River and Pili Nadi!

Suyash Sethiya | Sep 30, 2016 17:19

LAD College co-hosted Kirloskar Vasundhara International Film Festival (KVIFF) in Nagpur with Chhaya Dixit Welfare Foundation. They organised a panel discussion on ‘Waste Management for Sustainable Nagpur,’ where key speakers – Abhay Nafdey (director of Nagpur Pollution Control Company), Leena Budhe (director of Center for Sustainable Development, Nagpur), Kartik Lokhande (chief reporter at The Hitavada) and Kaustav Chatterjee (environmental engineer) – stressed on the urgent need of waste management to ensure a clean and hygienic Nagpur. Kaustav Chatterjee said, “Tackling the city’s sewage problem is the first step towards making Nagpur a smart city. More than 270 million litres of waste is dumped in Pili Nadi and Nag River, which is a grave concern, that needs urgent attention.” While Kaustav spoke about the sad state of Nagpur rivers, Leena said, “We need to change the behaviour and mindset of Nagpurians to stop littering our rivers. This change will happen only when we stop dumping waste and defecating in the rivers.”

The Kirloskar Vasundhara International Film Festival is an Indian festival, which screens films that revolve around the importance of conserving and preserving our environment, wildlife, and water for our future generation. This year the theme of the festival is ‘Smart and Sustainable City.’

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Photos by: Barkha Goenka