Nagpurians shower their love on Basant Lall Shaw on his 85th birthday

Nation Next Newsroom | Aug 9, 2018 19:42
Photojournalist: Himanshu Pal

Nagpurians showered their love on renowned businessman Basant Lall Shaw on his 85th birthday at Radisson Blu, Nagpur. The guest list at the birthday celebrations brimmed with prominent people from Nagpur such as BJP MLA Sudhakar Deshmukh, Shiv Sena MP Kripal Tumane, former minister Vilas Muttemwar, Sunil Raisoni, Ajay Sancheti, former MLA Ashok Dhawad, Datta Meghe, BK Agrawal, etc.

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 Check out the pictures of the celebrations below: