Nagpur’s Dr Kavita Chandak delivers lecture on ‘Homeopathy and Autism’ in Dubai

Nation Next Newsroom | May 2, 2019 14:52

Dr Kavita Chandak during her lecture in Dubai

Dr Kavita Chandak, a homeopath from Nagpur, recently delivered a lecture on ‘Homeopathy and Austism – A Friend in need is a friend indeed’ in Dubai. Dr Chandak was invited by the Dubai Chapter of Indian Institute of Homeopathic Physician (IIHP) to deliver a keynote speech on evidence-based cases cured by homeopathy.

During her lecture, Dr Chandak, with the help of a video, explained a case of an autistic child whose lifestyle, cognitive skills, learning capabilities and verbal communication improved to a great extent after homeopathic medication. She also explained the approach of homeopathy in autism and other psychiatric disorders.

Dr Chandak, durng the lecture, stressed upon the importance of homeopathic philosophy in clinical practice, following the cardinal principles of homeopathy and explained why a physician must have complete knowledge of a disease. She asserted that the hidden qualities of autistic patients need to be unveiled and for that they need good medication along with other occupational therapies and dietary changes.

Present during the lecture were MA Rao (National President, IIHP, Chief Guest Amina Al Haidan and Guest of Honour Dr Namat Al Subaie (Diplomat from Bahrain). The programme was hosted by Dr Ritu Manchanda and Dr Santosh Kumar.