Nagpur doctor arrested for hurting religious sentiments on social media granted bail

Radhika Dhawad | May 13, 2020 12:04

Nagpur’s Dr Satish B Sonar, who was booked by Gittikhadan Police for allegedly hurting religious sentiments through his tweets, was granted bail by local court. Sonar, an orthopedic surgeon, was arrested on Tuesday for a tweet that he had posted on April 23, in which he called for genocide of Muslims.

Sonar had tweeted, “Now, since radical, Islamist and anarchist journos and illegitimate citizens are talking about so called Islamophobia and Genocide…So let’s begin it, prove them right. Wipe out the [expletive word] from the map.”

Tweet posted by Dr Satish B Sonar

Apart from the above tweet, Sonar had also tweeted several other similar messages from his Twitter account. However, he later claimed that his account was hacked. As per TOI, person named Shahbaz Siddique had filed a complaint against the doctor for hurting religious sentiments.

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